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Nutritional Supplements for Children

While children usually get all the vitamins they need from their foods if given a proper diet, nutritional supplements may be needed to help kids get the right minerals. Children often dislike the deep leafy greens that are iron-rich foods, and may need to get iron from nutritional supplements instead.Kids and adolescents sometimes need nutritional supplements containing iron to prevent anemia. Babies who drink milk instead of formula may also need nutritional supplements containing iron. Once they start on solid foods, babies who don’t eat iron-enriched cereals may also need nutritional supplements containing iron. Adolescent girls are also susceptible to anemia when they hit puberty, especially if they have heavy periods, and nutritional supplements may help.In addition to nutritional supplements containing iron, some children may need nutritional supplements containing calcium. Calcium is necessary for strong teeth and bones. Children who don’t like milk or who have milk allergies may prefer to get their calcium from nutritional supplements. Supplements of calcium are also found in many nutritional products that are fortified with calcium, such as certain brands of orange juice.Even if your children take multivitamins, they may still need nutritional supplements for calcium, since many only contain 20 percent of the minimum daily requirement.So nutritional supplements for iron and nutritional supplements for calcium may be important for your children, and there’s another: nutritional supplements for fluoride. Fluoride builds healthy teeth. Although most municipal water systems include fluoride in the water, if you use well water your children may need to take supplemental fluoride. Make sure they aren’t getting it from other sources, however, because too much fluoride can stain teeth.